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Answers and Questions:

Why Should I Choose Natural Gas?

How is My Deposit Calculated?

If my gas is turned off for the summer, why do I owe a monthly charge for those months?

Do you have a budget program?

Why do I need my gas lines pressure tested?

Why do I need to be home to have gas service turned on?

Why must I call 811 to have my underground service line located?

Will Gas Co. service personnel repair my natural gas appliance?

How much does it cost to have service brought to my property?

What are degree days?

What do I do if I smell gas?

Why Natural Gas?

• Lower cost & better comfort
• Higher quality heat
• Reliable & safe
• A natural occurring energy source
• Made in the USA
Minimize Your Bill

• Install a programmable thermostat
• Keep window shades and draperies   open during the day
• Have your furnace serviced
Natural Gas Tips

How to identify a possible gas leak:

Smell rotten egg or sulfur odor
Hear blowing or hissing sound
See blowing dirt

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